Here at Agent Drain Inc. our speciality is DRAIN CLEANING; sinks, tubs, toilets or even your garage drain.  This isn’t really a plumber’s job and most plumbers don’t have the necessary specialized tools to fully clean the clog from your drain.  Plumbers deal primarily with water supply lines in the house – we primarily deal with drain lines, and keep the waste flowing out into the sewer system.  So if you have a clog, make sure to call the right person for the job.

Same Day Service or we can schedule an appointment at your convenience.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality at the lowest price.

Prevention is the key to saving money

Sewer and Drains

Clean all drain lines, 1″ to 6″
Backed-up sewer lines
Clogged storm drains
High pressure jet cleaning
Video Camera Inspection
Sewer line locating
Thaw frozen sewer lines and storm drains
Replace or install tank heaters in septic systems
Diagnose problems with sewer, storm and septic systems
Floor drains and basement drains

Nobody likes when that toilet or shower isn't working

Sinks, Tubs and Toilets

Constantly running toilet problems
Muriatic acid treatments for toilets and urinals
Toilet leaks
Clogged toilets
Backed-up drains, toilets, tubs & showers
Snaking of tubs and showers to remove hair and buildup
Slow kitchen drains

Preventive Maintenance

Avoid dirty, inconvenient and costly backups by scheduling Preventive Maintenance reminders with Agent Drain.  We offer maintenance programs at intervals to suit the individual drain needs.

We can solve your problem!

Whatever your blockage
, we can help get your drains up and running again in no time.  With the latest in drain cleaning equipment, and experience in removing even the most stubborn clogs, you can be sure you are in safe hands.  From the cleaning of the smallest sinks to freeing up blocked drains and sewer lines, we can handle it!

We value each and every customer.  No job is too small or too large.
We provide free phone estimates for your convenience.

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