The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection


One of the most valuable tools in the drain cleaning industry today is the video camera. While it’s certainly not the same camera you would use to film your family reunion, it does work along the same principle.

Video camera inspection allows our technicians to see inside the drain lines and sewer pipes.  As the sewer video is sent back to the operator, it is much easier and far more accurate to determine the cause of your current drain and sewer problems.

How Does the Camera Operate?

A flexible rod is equipped with a high-resolution video camera on the end.  This rod is fed through the drain pipe or sewer line.  It transmits the high quality video back to the video camera operator.  These images can even be saved for viewing later.  There are also radio transmitters on the pipe camera, which record the depth of the pipe or line to the surface for locating needs.

What Types of Problems Can Video Pipe Inspection Locate?

A broke pipe underground.There are a number of problems, as well as potential problems, which can be located with a video pipe inspection. These include determining the type and size of a blockage, broken or cracked pipes and lines, or even missing jewelry.  In most cases, however, the line or pipe drain should be cleared of the obstruction, as the video camera does not perform as well under water.

Cracked and otherwise damaged pipes are easily seen and the location can quickly be mapped out, allowing for reduced repair bills.  In cases of blockage, the technician can see what is causing the A low-spot in the sewerline.problem and then determine the best course of action.  In many cases, an accurate cost of repairs can be provided.  Without this type of inspection service, the repair costs may only be a rough estimate until the technician gains access to the lines.

This type of video inspection is also great for seeing how well a drain was cleared after a service.  You certainly don’t want to pay for plumbing service or repair, only to find out the problem was not corrected as expected.  The video pipe inspection allows the technician to ensure all blockage is out of the line before leaving your home.

How Often Should You Have a Video Pipe Inspection Done?

This inspection should be completed anytime you have a main line problem or if you experience backed up toilets, sinks, and showers on a consistent basis.  It is also a GREAT idea to get a sewer line and septic inspection done before purchasing a home.  In most cases, if you can catch sewer problems early on, you can avoid expensive repairs by doing regular maintenance. It’s a good idea to include a video pipe inspection with your annual plumbing service.

If you are experiencing problems with your sewer, getting a Video Pipe Inspection done by Agent Drain Inc. could save you time and money in the long run.